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    Hello everyone!

    And welcome back to EternalPvP Network
    This Server is owned by TheEric02

    If you want to become a Staff, please apply from here
    We hope you enjoy your stay here, If you have any question please contact our Staff-Members or you can open a Support Ticket.

    Since our Server just begun, we are making DropParties and Giveaways!
    For now, we are doing a Giveaways to 3 Lucky winners!

    To enter the Giveaway, just follow this step:
    Please reply to this thread with your IGN and leave a nice comment below.

    Thank you so much, :)
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    Jul 7, 2016
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    Hey this server is alredy awesome and i joinned it 2 days ago. i'm so excited when there will be more people online and also when other games are going to be open ( thx for theEric02 for working hard on this :) sketsh :)
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