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    EternalPvP Forums Rules
    1. Do not duplicate post - Duplicate posting is when you post something more than once or twice.
    2. Do not Post Boost - Post boosting is when you post many unnecessary posts to make your amount of posts go up.
    3. Do not be Rude. - Do not be rude to others. Though you may disagree with their post or opinion, keep it to yourself and rely on constructive-criticism :)
    4. Avoid being Racist, inappropriate, or discriminate others. - You are not allowed to be Racist, inappropriate, or discriminate against others.
    5. Do not plagiarize - Do not copy others work, words, or Applications. Doing so will result in an automatic punishment.
    6. Do not post links non-related to EternalPvP Such as other Links that do not involve EternalPvP. Doing so will get your post removed, as well as an Auto-Punishment.
    7. Do not start Flame-Wars - Do not start arguing with someone or start a flame war, if this happens the indicator will be given, and the thread will be locked.

    Automatic Bans.

    1. Advertising other Servers - If you advertise any other Server (With IP) you will be automatically banned from the Forums.
    2. DDoS/Death Threats - If you use Death-Threats or threaten to DDoS you will be banned from our Website. Depending on how severe the offense was will depend on if you get unbanned in the future.
    3. Posting Screamers or Pornographic Content - if you post anything involving a Pornographic Video/Photo or a Screamer, you will be banned. The enforcer and an Admin will discuss if you get unbanned anytime in the future.
    4. Spam Botting - If you attempt Spam Bot our website, you will be automatically banned.


    1. Do not forge evidence - When creating a Staff or Player report, do not forge any evidence, in the event you do, you will be given an automatic Punishment.
    2. Do not create Troll Appeals or Reports - In the event you make a troll appeal, you will be banned for longer and the appeal will be denied, and if you make a troll report.
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